5 Benefits of Altitude Training With EWOT

5 Benifits of Altitude Training With EWOT

Have you been struggling to catch your breath as you try to catch up with your running or training partners? It’s no secret that some people are gifted with more efficiency when it comes to blood-oxygen levels. But you can do a lot to overcome that with Exercise With Oxygen Training, or EWOT.

But then, what is EWOT? It’s essentially when you breathe in higher concentrations of oxygen during exercise. During this therapy, you wear an oxygen mask during exercise or physical activity, which helps send oxygen through your body more rapidly.

EWOT ultimately improves your circulation, and in turn, amps up your body’s ATP production. It also automatically reduces stress on your body just by the merit of giving it higher oxygen levels to work with. The stress reduction benefits of oxygen are well-documented and great for all kinds of high-intensity training.

Optimal Altitude Training with EWOT

EWOT is already powerful on its own. But did you know that EWOT is also on the rise as an altitude training technique for elite athletes?

That’s because of its massive fitness benefits. “Live high, train low” gets taken to a new level when you bring EWOT into the picture. What are some of the biggest perks to training at high altitude levels with EWOT?

1. You Get Higher Oxygen Flow to Your Muscles

Altitude training helps muscle fatigue by increasing erythropoietin (EPO) production. EPO is what creates red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your body, and when EPO increases, so does your red blood cell volume. That means enhanced oxygen delivery, which will continue when you get back to sea level.

2. You Increase Your Aerobic Capacity.

Did you know that training at altitude alters your VO2 max levels? That means it increases the overall oxygen load it can handle during an intense bout of exercise. Studies have shown that runners can reap the benefits of this amplified load for several days after training at altitude.

3. You Amp Up Your Lactic Acid Capacity

Lactic acid is a byproduct of intense exercise that leads to muscle fatigue. The evidence shows that, because altitude training can enhance cardiovascular fitness, it can also make it easier for you to handle lactic acid buildup.

4. You Get a Reduced Inflammatory Response

Exercising causes your small blood vessels — capillaries — to expand with inflammatory cells, which is normal. But if your oxygen levels are consistently low, it can become dangerous. Adding oxygen to your altitude training session counteracts this inflammation as soon as it begins.

5. You’re Able to Recover More Quickly Overall

This is basically the net effect of the other benefits, but it’s the most important, too. Consider it strategic training: when you use EWOT at altitude, you’ll recover faster from already challenging sessions, and get stronger. 


Increase Endurance by Trying EWOT Today

Ready to maximize what your body can do through altitude training? An EWOT system might be exactly what your training plan needs to get you to the next level. We’re ready to answer your questions today — get in touch by giving us a call at 800-989-2941, or firing up the live chat below. 

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