Oxygen Therapy and Sports Therapy: What Athletes Need to Know

Oxygen Therapy and Sports Therapy: What Athletes Need to Know


Athletes get over one thousand injuries per ten thousand performers. People are starting to get fast recovery by ways other than long hours of PT.

Elite players don't have to get sidelined by injuries. What can you do to avoid them?

Keep reading to learn about the connections between Oxygen Therapy and Sports Therapy. 

Sports Therapy and Oxygen Therapy

Playing sports and practicing to play in the big games stress your joints and muscles. Oxygen Therapy for athletes may help accelerate the time it takes to recover. 

Oxygen Therapy speeds up tissue repair and cell recovery. Athletes who received this type of therapy showed improvements in pain levels after injury. 

How It Works

Oxygen Therapy and Sports Medicine can now work together to promote healing. Recovery used to mean sitting around and letting an injury rest to heal. Now Oxygen Therapy plays more of an active role in the healing process. 

People once had to go to a hospital to get Oxygen Therapy. It was either inpatient or outpatient-based. An athlete went into a pressurized room and took in pure oxygen. That completely saturated the plasma with oxygen. It then flowed through the body and helped heal the tissue that got damaged. 

The pressure in the room was two to three times the pressure outside the room. Even once therapy had finished, the body's tissues kept healing. 

Now you can get the benefits of Oxygen Therapy for athletes in your home or local gym. You wear a mask and will breathe in high concentrations of oxygen. The oxygen gets contained in a bag that connects to your mask. 

Oxygen Therapy Benefits

The best-known use of oxygen therapy is for muscle recovery and injury repair. It boosts the rate of recovery after exercise and gives you energy back when fatigued. 

Doctors have used Oxygen Therapy to help patients with autoimmune conditions. When blood moves through the body, it takes nutrients with it. Those help to replenish the cells.

Many think the brain is the most beneficial organ in the body. Our brains need oxygen to function well. Oxygen Therapy could improve mental clarity. 

Everyone needs good quality sleep. Some need more than others, but we all need a restful night to wind down and allow our bodies to repair. We need adequate oxygen levels to get good sleep, so high concentrations may help.

Athletes want to perform at their highest physical peak. Oxygen could help because it supplies the body with more ATP, which is a source of energy. 

It reduces inflammation of the body. Oxygen helps to heal inflamed regions throughout the body, calming them down. 

How to Get Started

If you are no stranger to sports therapy, you know that an injury can have a lasting negative effect on your body. Oxygen Therapy requires no downtime, so you can get back to exercising right away. 

Technology is better than the old days when we got told to get back to work and use ice or heat later. Contact us today to find out how Oxygen Therapy can improve your quality of life!

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