Shake it Off: 7 Amazing Whole-Body Vibration Benefits


The Ancient Greeks knew that vibration had medical benefits and frequently used it to treat their patients. Can this ancient technique produce even better results in the modern world?

When we talk about body vibration, we're not talking about uncontrolled or randomized rumblings, like driving over a bumpy road or riding a wooden roller coaster. There's therapeutic equipment that you can use at home or in a gym or wellness center that can unlock wellness benefits in your body. 

Not sure if these claims all shake out? Check out these seven whole body vibration benefits to see how you can get some good vibrations!

History of Whole Body Vibration

As we mentioned before, vibration has been a wellness tool since the earliest days of medicine. The Ancient Greeks would pluck a string close to a wound and notice that injuries and wounds healed faster.

Fast forward to the 1800s where there were new leaps in vibration technology. Physician Gustav Zander and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (of the famous cereal brand) created machines and chairs that vibrated for patients and athletes to use to improve their health.

The Russian space program used vibration machines as a way to maintain cosmonauts' bone- and muscle-density while weightless in space. As recently as the 1980s, body vibration machines were used by Olympic athletes in order to recover sooner and maintain peak physical condition.

How to Use a Whole Body Vibration Platform

Using a whole body vibration platform couldn't be easier. You step up onto the platform and then turn it on for a set amount of time.

The vibration is minimal, not jarring, and can actually feel soothing. It's almost like receiving a massage while you're standing or sitting.

Most vibration platforms allow for standing but some can be used sitting down, which is great if you have any sort of mobility issues. Some platforms are even large enough for holding yoga poses.

Couple vibration with oxygen therapy to reap even more wellness benefits. Talk to your doctor, physical therapist, or wellness consultant to determine the right amount of whole body vibration therapy for you.

Whether you use a vibration platform at home or at a gym, you'll soon discover that they can make a difference in your wellness routine. Let's look at the many benefits of body vibration that you need to take advantage of.

1. Lose More Weight

Imagine doing a 20 minute whole body vibration session and seeing a difference in your waist line. Vibration can tip the scales in your favor when it comes to weight loss.

Obviously, diet and exercise are still important when it comes to dropping pounds. Adding whole body vibration to your routine long-term can improve your metabolism and boost your weight loss efforts.

2. Get Stronger

We mentioned that gymnasts, Olympic-level athletes, and astronauts used vibration to stay fit and strong. Incorporating whole body vibration into your exercise routine can help you build stronger muscles.

Your muscles are always working to stabilize you and hold you upright besides lifting, walking, grasping, and other functions. Using a vibrating plate forces your small muscle groups to engage and contract even more, boosting any exercises performed on the plate.

3. Reduce Stress

Can a vibration session really shake you out of a bad mood? It's possible that using body vibration on a regular basis can help reduce stress and boost your mood due to hormone production and distribution.

When your body is stressed, it releases the hormone cortisol. Cortisol not only produces anxiety and depression but it can lead to weight gain and lower your immune response.

Vibration therapy works towards reducing the amount of cortisol in your system. It can even lower glucose and help your thyroid work in harmony with other hormones.

4. Improve Bone Density

Our bones get weaker as we age. They lose density which can lead to broken bones or stress fractures over time.

One way to build better bone density is to subject our bones to a little bit of stress, like weight training or light jumping. Boost bone density through giving your bones gentle, limited vibrations.

5. Improve Immunity

We mentioned that you can manage stress hormones through whole body vibration sessions. Reduced stress leads to improved immunity.

That's not the only reason your immunity improves once you start incorporating body vibration into your wellness routine. Vibrations stimulate your lymphatic system which helps fluid drain and circulate around your body.

Lymphatic fluid needs to circulate effectively in order to collect and remove toxins. Dry brushing, eating healthy, and whole body vibrations are all great ways to stimulate your lymphatic drainage system.

6. Increased Blood Flow

Along with your lymphatic system, you need to show your circulatory system some love so that it can keep you healthy. Your circulatory system brings nutrients and necessary chemicals to every area of your body and any back up or slow down decreases your wellness or at worst, can be fatal.

Use whole body vibration in order to keep things flowing, lower your blood pressure, and remove metabolic waste. Break up hardening of your arteries and increase blood circulation with vibration.

7. Improve Balance and Coordination

Balance and coordination is important whether you're a competitive athlete or an average person. Spills and falls later in life can lead to broken bones and reduced mobility.

We've talked about how vibration improves blood flow, bone density, can help build strong muscles and reduce stress hormones. All of these benefits will lead to better overall health and improved balance and coordination.

Stimulated muscles and strong bones give your body overall support. Reduced inflammation and improved circulation allow your muscles to nerve system to function well together.

More Whole Body Vibration Benefits

These are just seven of the whole body vibration benefits you will discover once you try this wellness technique. Find a local gym or fitness center that has vibration plates if you don't want to commit to a home model.

If you own a wellness center, whole body vibration can add an extra dimension to your customers' fitness options. Try it out for yourself and keep track of how you feel after you start incorporating vibration into your routine.

Don't settle for cheap vibration plates that break quickly or don't offer the full range of benefits. Shop our selection of high-quality machines and feel the difference for yourself!

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