What Are the Benefits of Exercise With Oxygen Therapy?


EWOT Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

How often do you think about your lungs during a workout?

While your exercise routine's ultimate goal might be stronger muscles, regular physical activity also leads to stronger lungs — a much more valuable result. Of course, this can only happen when your bloodstream receives enough oxygen to carry through the body. What if there was a way to maximize that oxygen flow during a workout?

Good news — there is. It's called "Exercise with Oxygen Therapy", and it vastly improves your overall health.

Here is a guide to Oxygen Therapy benefits and how it works to give you a healthy heart, body, and mind: 

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy: How Does It Work?

Also referred to as EWOT, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is the act of breathing in higher concentrations of oxygen while exercising. Essentially, an oxygen concentrator is used to fill a 900-liter bag with oxygen, which is then attached to a high-flow mask. By wearing the mask during a workout, your body takes in four times more oxygen than it normally would.

So, why is this important?

Since the air we breathe is only comprised of 21% oxygen, a supplemental source (such as the XCEL O2 System boosts the total amount we take in, leading to an array of benefits. Most importantly, oxygen therapy delivers oxygen into the arteries, veins, and smallest capillaries that comprise over 74 percent of your body's circulatory system.

Let's take a look at more health-boosting EWOT benefits below. 

Better Blood Circulation

Along with increased oxygen flow, EWOT also improves blood circulation. Since blood carries oxygen throughout the body, proper circulation is necessary to reach organs, tissues, and vessels.

The bottom line? The better the blood flow, the better your heart, lungs, muscles, and immune system will function. 

Maximized ATP Production 

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) may be a small molecule, but it is the main fuel source for all living things. While exercising with oxygen therapy, your body's every cell is receiving oxygen, which increases ATP production. 

The increase in ATP is one of EWOT's most significant benefits. Why? When cells are able to absorb more oxygen, more ATP is produced, which ultimately allows the body to heal faster.

Reduced Inflammation 

Inflammation is the immune system's response to tissue damage, which often occurs during exercise. EWOT can help decrease inflammation, speed up the recovery process, and prevent further damage. 

Since inflammation can hinder your ability to work out, EWOT is a great way to protect yourself from its effects. 

A Boost in Metabolism 

Did you know EWOT provides the ability to burn up to 30% more calories during a workout? Your body (and scale) will definitely thank you for that type of metabolism boost. 

Along with weight loss, a healthy metabolism leads to more energy, balanced blood sugar levels, better sleep quality, and a healthier heart. 

A Breath of Fresh Air 

Each breath you take while using Exercise with Oxygen Therapy leads to healthier lungs, heart health, blood circulation, cognitive function, and cell production — all of which are necessary for a healthy body. 

Along with the above benefits, EWOT can also improve your well-being in the following ways: 

  • Improves memory and overall cognitive functioning 
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Gives you more energy
  • Leads to better sleep
  • Improves vision

To start your journey toward a better quality of life, take a look at our oxygen therapy equipment and exercise systems

Have questions? Contact us today, and an EWOT team member will be happy to provide further information. Together, we can get you on track to a life-changing way to workout! 

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