Power Plate REV (Black)

Power Plate REV (Black)

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Power Plate REV

The Power Plate® REV is a revolution in health and fitness that can take your workouts to a new level. The REV features Power Plate's patent-pending VibeShift™ Technology delivering consistent, safe, precise, and predictable effective vibration through the pedals to maximize the intensity of your workouts. This unique vibration technology is set in motion through active pedaling.

Inspired by elite cyclists, these vibrations safely mimic the effect of that added instability and resistance giving you a significant increase in muscle activation, calorie burn, and cardiovascular effort while cycling. 


When compared to a traditional fitness bike, the REV delivers a:

  • 43% increase in Calf activation
  • 167% increase in Quad activation
  • 144% increase in Hamstring activation
  • 138% increase in Glute activation

Research has shown that level 1 resistance with vibration on the REV is equivalent to level 5 resistance without vibration*. Power Plate’s VibeShift™ Technology delivers results like no other bike on the market.

The REV features a commercial-grade design to meet health clubs' usage demands and elite sports training. It has intuitive seat, height, and handlebar adjustments so anyone can quickly and easily find their perfect fit for a great ride.
As a bonus, each Power Plate REV has a complimentary Myzone MZ-Switch. This portable heart rate monitor is the ideal companion to your REV, allowing you to track your heart rate in real time, further optimizing your workout intensity and results.

Add in the easy-to-use resistance and vibration controls, and you have potent fitness equipment.

*Based on a preliminary study at the Centre for Sports Science & Human Performance, University of Greenwich, UK.