EWOT - Everything you need to know

EWOT Demo by Dr. Sircus

EWOT is the act of breathing higher concentrations of oxygen during exercise. In the past, simple masks and nasal cannulas connected directly to an oxygen concentrator were the best methods. However, oxygen concentrators only produce 10 Liters Per Minute (LPM) at maximum. When you exercise, you can easily breathe 60-70+ LPM. This means you are "blending" the 93% pure oxygen from the concentrator within the mask or around the cannula. Since these oxygen delivery products allow room air in, you're not coming close to getting the high purity and flow required. This problem is solved with EWOT.

EWOT uses an oxygen concentrator to fill a large medical grade bag that holds 900 liters of oxygen. A high-flow mask is attached to that bag. Now every breath you take is 93% oxygen with NO room air. The EWOT mask does NOT allow any room air inside. Only the oxygen in the bag is inhaled as a valve in the mask opens then, as you exhale, CO2 goes out through the CO2 port on the mask. The mask included with EWOT is the highest flow, non-restricted mask on the market. It's like breathing without one, it's that good.

The EWOT Therapy includes everything you need except an oxygen concentrator and fitness equipment. You can use your own oxygen concentrator or pick one of the three we offer. Any oxygen concentrator will work with the BASIC Therapy packages listed above. However, keep in mind that higher LPM (liters per minute) will fill the bag faster. A 5 LPM unit will take about three hours to fill and 10 LPM will take half that time. If you have access to your own concentrator, try to get a 10 LPM.  You can pick any one of our three concentrators before you add to cart, or choose "none" if you have your own. You can utilize as many oxygen concentrators at the same time to fill the bag faster. Simply order the EWOT Multi-Port separately. 



About our Masks:

One Blue Mask comes with your EWOT System. If you are a clinic and/or have multiple users, you will need the system with the Medical Grade Mask (BLUE). The BLUE mask can withstand repeated sanitization and sterilization procedures. The single-user mask is our CLEAR mask.

Which mask do I need?

We offer two masks in three different sizes. The CLEAR mask is included with our EWOT Therapy & ALTITUDE. It's a single-user mask. The BLUE mask is our Medical Grade mask.  The BLUE mask is ideal for multiple user purchases such as clinics or multi-user families. It will withstand long term sanitization procedures as well as sterilization (including autoclave). Green valves in both masks cannot be autoclaved and are for single-user use. Additional valves can be ordered by clicking here






Commercial Accounts 

Offer EWOT within your facility as a revenue model. Sessions are typically $30-50 per 15 minute session. You'll receive 50% off extra masks and 10% off any equipment on this site after your initial order. You'll also receive a free listing on our EWOT locator. Learn about adding EWOT to your business by clicking here.



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