EWOT Guided Tour Mask Options Altitude

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We offer one mask in two grades of material. The clear mask is for every day usage for the same person. However, if you want to use the same mask with multiple users, we suggest our blue silicone (medical grade) mask. It will hold up longer as you clean it with our included ozone machine that will clean either mask in 4 minutes. If multiple users have different size faces, you will need the correct size for each person.  


Mask Sizes: The mask comes in x-small, small and medium. They run big so do not assume your size. Please measure you face before ordering to pick the mask that best fits your face. 

We include a 4 minute ozone machine (pictured below) to clean either mask you order. Note: the blue medical grade mask is typically used for clinics. It does have a slightly softer and more comfortable feel, but hard to tell the difference. If you are not a clinic, go with the clear mask. 


QUESTION: Would you like a BLUE MEDICAL GRADE mask or CLEAR MASK with your order? When clicking your answer you will be taken to the correct product based on your answers.