Salter Labs Oxygen Masks Case of 50 #8110 - EWOT

Salter Labs Oxygen Masks Case of 50 #8110

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Salter Labs Oxygen Masks Case of 50 Model 8110


  • Transparent mask with soft anatomical form
  • Adult mask in over-the-ear style . A Salter exclusive innovation!
  • All masks come standard with three-channel safety tubing
  • Wide, adjustable elastic strap also available
  • Elastic strap ends sealed


  • Better fit for long-term users and edentulous patients
  • Fits comfortably over the ears.
  • Eliminates need to move patient's head to apply.
  • Useful for head, neck, and spinal case patients
  • Crush-resistant safety tubing prevents occlusion of oxygen supply
  • Fits comfortably below the ears to hold mask snugly in place
  • Precludes band being pulled through mask